How many neutral eyeshadow palettes do you currently own? I know I have too many but I can’t stop treating myself to another one (and another one… and another one) every now and then. Especially when the packaging is as pretty as the included shadows. When I saw the PUR Soirée Diaries palette in its full marble and rose gold glory I had to click “add to cart” immediately. Especially since it was very reasonably priced at $34 for 12 shades (make sure you look for discount codes to save some $$$).

There’s no denying that the packaging is beautiful, but so are the colors inside. Soirée Diaries is a mix of satin, matte and shimmery finishes although, to be honest, I can’t really differentiate between the first two categories. I assume that the first row contains satin finishes, but it’s so subtle that I personally classify them as mattes.

pur soirée diaries palette Pur Soirée Diaries palette overview

What’s great about the PUR Soirée Diaries is that it’s a very neutral-toned palette. Not too warm and not too cool, which means it will suit a variety of skin tones. The shade selection is also versatile and well thought of. The only thing it’s missing in my books is a light shimmery shade. Twinkle is kind of there, but I would happily replace Cosmo with a pale gold or champagne color. Otherwise, the palette has everything you may need to create daytime and evening looks.

I’ve never used PUR Cosmetics shadows before and wasn’t sure what to expect quality-wise. Luckily – I was pleasantly surprised. The texture is smooth and very easy to blend (we’re talking 2-3 brush strokes in some cases), plus there’s not a lot of fallout. Some shades need a couple of layers to show up well, but they look great over a good eyeshadow base.

pur soirée diaries palette swatches PUR Soirée Diaries Swatches

How about I show you some swatches now? Interestingly enough, the shades swatch better with a brush than a finger, so what you see below is brush swatches over a light layer of foundation. Here’s the first row.

  • Private Party – is a cream shade with just a hint of pink – very brightening in the inner corners. You can also use it under the brow or all over the lid.
  • Socialite – a neutral peachy beige color, perfect as a transition shade. It will also work great applied all over the lid if you’re going for the “makeup no-makeup” look.
  • Gala – another great transition shade, brown with a hint of taupe. Looks really good when blended in the crease.
  • Mogul – creamy shade again, this time with warmer undertone.

pur soirée diaries palette swatches The second row is all matte and contains mid-tone and dark shades.

  • Splurge – is a neutral mid-tone brown, great for further defining the crease after applying Gala.
  • Stunner – my absolute favorite shade from this palette, a beautiful warm, teddy bear brown (reminds me of Cocoa Bear from Make Up Geek). You can use it in the crease or all over the lid for a warm smoky eye, especially if you have green eyes.
  • Snazzy – is a dark brown with a hint of purple, a bit patchy so you may need to build it up, but works well for defining the outer corner.
  • Epic – another dark brown, I would describe it as a blackened brown. Personally I am more likely to reach for shades like this one over black as they look softer but define the eye in a similar way.

pur soirée diaries palette swatchesLastly, here are the shimmers…

  • Glitzy – here we have an old gold shade, not very unique but every neutral palette needs a good gold, right?
  • Twinkle – a beautiful rose gold shade, not too sparkly and suitable for everyday wear. One of my favorite shades in the palette.
  • Dazzle – gorgeous taupe and another favorite of mine. If you’re looking for the perfect shade for a one shadow look, this is it.
  • Cosmo – is a shimmery blackened brown, similar in tone Epic. A solid smoky eye shade if you want to go dark and shimmery.

pur soirée diaries palette swatches The shimmery shades can be applied dry or wet, if you want to make them look more metallic. Looking at the Twinkle shade, the shimmer is very subtle when used dry, but just spray your brush with water to get this beautiful creamy texture and high shine. Below you can see the difference in finish – wet application method on the right.

pur soirée diaries palette twinkle Pur Soirée Diaries makeup examples

You may look at the PUR Soirée Diaries palette and think that it’s not very inspiring or that it won’t give you too many options to create a variety of looks. I’ve been putting it to the test over the last two weeks and managed to come up with a number of great looks, both neutral and more out there. Let me show you some of them.

For the first look I defined the crease using Socialite, Gala and Splurge and then applied Twinkle all over the lid. On the lower lash line I used Gala and Stunner in the outer corner. Lastly, the Private Party shade ended up in the inner corner and under the brow to brighten up those areas. I also used a brown liner to create the wing.

pur soirée diaries palettepur soirée diaries palette Second look was even more natural with a mix of Socialite and Gala in the crease and a blend of Private Party and Mogul on the lid. In the outer corner (both upper an lower lid) I applied Stunner and just a small amount of Snazzy. I also wanted to add a shimmery inner corner shade and opted for the lightest color in the Charlotte Tilbury Golden Goddess palette. To brighten up the eye even more I also used the Colourpop Pencil Liner in HoneyDude.

pur soirée diaries palettepur soirée diaries palette This next look is more out there, but you can easily skip the statement liner and just go with the brown smoky eye. I do like the contrast, though… To achieve this look I used the Stila Smudge Stick in Espresso as a base all over the lid (also in the waterline) and then topped it up with Stunner. To blend the edges I opted for Splurge and also added a bit of the Epic shade in the outer corner. Same shades went on the lower lash line. Next I used Private Party to highlight the inner corner and Mogul under the brow. If you are wondering about the liner, it’s Kryolan Cream Liner in Rose Gold (it doesn’t really look very rose gold-ish here…).

pur soirée diaries palettepur soirée diaries palette The last look I want to share with you incorporates the Glitzy shade all over the lid and a combination of Socialite, Gala, Splurge and Snazzy in the crease. On the lower lid I applied Splurge, Snazzy plus a bit of Twinkle. Then in the inner corner I went for the Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfector from Becca. The purple liner is from Colourpop (shade Best O) and in the waterline I applied the Stila Smudge Stick in Gilded.

pur soirée diaries palettepur soirée diaries palette Do you need another neutral eyeshadow palette in your life? Most likely no, but if you do want one, I can wholeheartedly recommend the PUR Soirée Diaries. For me, it’s a perfect travel palette because it’s very compact, has a decent size mirror and a great selection of colors. The quality is there, the pigmentation is there and there’s not much I can complain about. Not to mention the Instagram-worthy packaging as a bonus! The shades are easy to work with, even for beginners, and blend like a dream (also with shadows from different brands). Considering the price ($34), you pretty much can’t ask for more!


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