january 2017 monthly favourites

Now that we are one month down, how’s your 2017 so far? Mine is shaping up to be huge and full of big steps, but I’ll probably talk about it in the next monthly favourites post. I hope your New Year is going well and your interest in great beauty products is as strong (or even stronger) as before. Today’s post is about my favourites from January – surprisingly I didn’t include any lip products this time. I probably could have but because I limit the number of items mentioned to 5, nothing has really made the cut. Get ready, though, because I will have plenty of lip product swatches and reviews coming up in Feb.

Today, however, we’re going to talk about skincare, makeup and nails. Let’s go!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil

When I first saw this new product from Garnier, I thought it was just something released as a result of the constant need to innovate and stay competitive. As a big fan of the original Garnier Micellar Water, I didn’t think it was necessary to add another type to the lineup. After using the Micellar Cleansing Water in oil for a couple of weeks, though, I can see where the brand was going. The original micellar water was ok when dealing with waterproof products and hard to remove makeup, but the addition of oil has really improved the performance against liquid lipsticks and long-wearing eyeliners.

garnier micellar water in oil review
Now I can easily remove these products with just one swipe, there’s no need for rubbing or going over the same area multiple times. It also doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue and doesn’t need to be rinsed off. I can feel a light layer of product on the skin after using the Micelar Water in oil, but it only contributes to the soothing properties of the product. Plus I always end up using another cleanser anyway. If you’re a fan of liquid lipsticks but can’t stand the thought of getting them off the lips at the end of the day, give it a go. I already know that it will replace the original Garnier Micellar Water with this one in my bathroom.

Nuxe Huille Prodigieuse Oil

It’s interesting how a packaging can totally change your mind about the product. I’ve used the Nuxe Dry Oil before but only in a mini sample bottle (I think it was a popular addition to all the beauty boxes). I’ve never had a full size bottle and remember not really getting the hype about this particular oil. It wasn’t that easy to apply and a bottle would get a bit greasy all the time. In short – I was not a fan.

Nuxe Huille Prodigieuse dry Oil
Now that I’ve tried the spray bottle, I am officially obsessed and can’t imagine getting out of the shower and not using it. I like to apply it to my arms and decollete as it’s much lighter than a body butter and absorbs way quicker. On the legs, I do stick to something richer, but I don’t want my upper body to feel greasy. Especially with an infant at home, who’s very keen on sucking everything within his reach (including my arm…). The Nuxe Oil smells nice, provides a good amount of hydration to the skin and, as I said before, is a dream to apply. The spray bottle will also ensure that a product will go a long way – I’ve been using it every day for over a month and it looks like it’s been barely used. Highly recommended product.

Colourpop Brow Pencil in Dope Taupe

I’m not by any means a brow expert and definitely not a fan of the “Instagram” brow. My preferred look is much more natural and low maintenance. More often than not the only product I use is a brow gel with fibers, but lately I wanted to add a pencil to the mix. Luckily, I have a decent amount of hair and only need to fill in sparse areas, especially to define the arch. The Colourpop Brow Pencil is perfect for this purpose. It’s not too dry, so you don’t need to press hard to get the colour to show. It may be a disadvantage if you have to draw single hair and pretty much recreate your brow from scratch, but it works great for basic shaping.

colourpop dope taupe
The shade Dope Taupe matches my hair colour pretty well, although I am not really used to having dark brows. It took a while to get used to, but now I am actually enjoying the pairing. I may still get a lighter shade just to test it out since it’s only $5 USD (plus shipping to Australia). The pencil also includes a spoolie, which is always a plus. For the price, you can’t really ask for much more.

Kryolan Cream Liner in Rose Gold

Next up is something a bit out of the box. I bought this Kryolan Cream Liner in Rose Gold during the Sydney store opening party, with the main purpose of using it on the eyes (either as a liner or cream shadow base). Then, somehow I reached for it while doing makeup and applied it onto the cheeks as highlighter (I am sure I was thinking it’s another product at the time). The best makeup “accident” of my life! 🙂 The shade looks stunning on the cheeks, adding just enough radiance when it hits the light. It has a good balance of cool and warm tones, plus a beautiful shiny finish with no obvious glitter in sight.

kryolan cream liner rose goldkryolan cream liner rose gold
Since it is a cream liner, it does set fairly quickly, but if you apply one side at the time, you’ll have enough time to blend it in. And once it sets, it stays in place until you take the makeup off. It’s also water resistant, you can run it under the tap and it won’t come off (tried and tested!). Of course, you can also use it as a liner or cream shadow – both ways it looks amazing. It is $32 AUD, but considering the quality and the versatility of the product, I’d say it’s worth a try!

Emily de Molly nail polish in Sweet Jumps

The nail polish I’ve been loving this past month is from Emily de Molly. It’s my first encounter with this Australian brand and definitely not the last one. The shade Sweet Jumps is what the holographic dreams are made of. It looks beautiful in the shade but just wait until it hits the light and unveils the rainbow. I love that it can be considered neutral, but the finish and the multitude of colourful sparkles makes it really unique.

Emily de Molly Sweet Jumps
The formula is really nice and you only need two coats for full coverage. The nail polish doesn’t leave streaks and levels up nicely, so the application is a breeze. Its staying power is comparable to other holo polishes I’ve tried in the past and you can expect a couple of days, when paired with a top and base coats. Of course, it may vary, but I am talking from a perspective of someone with nails that don’t generally hold the polish well. The removal process is not too bad, but you may need to go over the nail a couple of times to get rid of the sparkly bits. I am already browsing the Emily de Molly website to find more gems like Sweet Jumps.



  1. I’ve tried the Nuxe dry oil before, but we didn’t get along – I found it too drying on my skin + the scent was a bit full on. That cream liner looks gorgeous! I can see why it could be used as a highlighter – definitely not too cool or warm.

    • That’s interesting because my skin is quite dry too, but it works well. Maybe because I don’t really apply it on the driest areas. And the cream liner is a must have 😉

  2. Some beaut products here Magda – I really like the Garnier Micellar too, it works almost as well as my HG Neutrogena waterproof eye make up remover, and of course you get a huge quantity for such a little price xxx

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