Looks like we have a new standard in the beauty industry, I’m talking about the collaborations with Youtube influencers. It’s a good way to add a little personal touch and ensure thousands of purchases from those die-hard fans. I don’t consider myself to be especially connected with any of the popular Youtubers, but my collection does include a couple of items created through such collabs. morphe jaclyn hill palette review

Today let’s talk about one of the most anticipated (and loved) makeup launches from this year so far – the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette. It sold out within a couple of hours from the first launch and also the re-launch in July. I’m sure it’s going to be re-stocked in near future but you will have to be quick to snatch it again. The palette was created in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, who seems to have the power to turn anything into gold… 🙂

The palette contains 35 eyeshadows (17 mattes) and it’s predominantly warm-toned. Not a surprise here since it’s Jaclyn’s preferred color palette to use on the eyes. There are some cool-toned shades but they are mostly dark. We have a few pops of color here, but overall, the selection includes a range of browns, reddish tones, coppers, golds and pinks. Personally, I really like the assortment of hues but it you’re into cool-toned shadows, you may want to give this palette a pass.

morphe jaclyn hill palette swatches

Quality-wise, the Jaclyn Hill Palette gets two thumbs up. The shadows are soft, pigmented and not too powdery (when it comes to fallout, they are much better than Lorac). They transfer well onto the lid and show up true to the color in the pan. They also blend well and last without any issues throughout the day (applied over a primer). I was only a tiny bit disappointed with the pops of color. One of the looks I created involved the royal blue and purple and I felt that I had to pack them on to get the desired intensity. But my main issue was that they made my eyes really dry. I don’t have particularly sensitive eyes and generally they can deal with eyeshadow fallout, but in this case it was quite uncomfortable. Because of that, I’d recommend that you’re really careful when applying those shades on the lower lash line.

Another minor issue is the lack of a matte highlight shade, since it’s my personal preference. But I do own a handful of those already and it’s not that big of a deal to reach for another palette if needed.

morphe jaclyn hill palette review

Other than that, I have no complaints towards the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette. I think it’s better that the 35W palette I purchased few years ago. The shadows feel softer here and they don’t have this funny scent that’s very common among more affordable/drugstore shadows. Even when you just look at the two palettes side by side, you can actually tell that the quality of the product is different.

Here are all the shades from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette. For reference, these are brush swatches applied over a concealer.

morphe jaclyn hill palette swatches morphe jaclyn hill palette swatches morphe jaclyn hill palette swatches morphe jaclyn hill palette swatches morphe jaclyn hill palette swatches

All those positives combined with a reasonable cost of the product ($38 + tax, but make sure to use one of the discount codes from Jaclyn or other Youtubers affiliated with the brand) makes it a really hot item in the beauty industry. If you like the color selection, I think that you should add the Morphe Jaclyn Hill palette to your collection. You’ll really be spoiled for choice every time you open it to do your makeup! Great job Morphe & Jaclyn.

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