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It’s funny how our makeup preferences can change overtime. I used to consider myself as a powder blush girl and didn’t really reach for creams that often. Few years ago they were a bit more common in my makeup bag, but then I decided to stick to the powder formulas for convenience. Lately though, they have made a huge comeback and I can’t get enough of how beautifully they sit on the skin.

Cream blushes come in all shapes and sizes, and their formulas vary from one type to another. Let’s have a look at what you can choose from when picking up one for yourself. Here are the four cream blush types you need to try.

cream blush swatches

Cream-to-Powder Blush

The cream to powder formula is pretty self explanatory, but isn’t it magical that a cream can turn into a powdery finish? It’s a great option for oily skin types or those of you who may not appreciate the slightly tacky finish of a traditional cream blush. It doesn’t need to be set with another product and usually lasts well throughout the day.

rimmel royal blush peach jewel
My recent favourite in this category is actually from Rimmel. Their new Royal Blush blush comes in a simple, if not underwhelming packaging, but there’s a gem inside. The shade Peach Jewel is probably my favourite of all cream blushes in my collection. On my complexion, those creamsicle orange-y hues really add life and a beautiful warmth to the skin. I also like it because it’s the closest shade I could find to my all time favourite powder blush from MAC (Immortal Flower), which sadly is not available anymore.

rimmel royal blush peach jewel swatch
Formula-wise, the Rimmel blush is great. Not too tacky or greasy and goes on evenly, but you may need to build it up to get the desired intensity. It lasts for 7-8 hours and doesn’t fade too much – I am sure that the deeper shades will perform even better than the one I own (although I’m still happy with it). It’s also worth mentioning that the blush is extremely affordable and a great value for money.

Cushion Blush

This next formula, or should I say presentation method, is fairly new and builds up on the success of the cushion foundations. The idea is pretty much the same and you’re getting a beautiful compact with a sponge soaked with product inside. Great for portability and touch-ups on the go, since you’re also getting a handy aplicator. I don’t necessarily find the blush formula itself to be unique, but it has to be fairly liquid-y.

lancome cushion blush subtil splash corail
The Lancome Cushion Blush Subtil is beautiful – inside and out, and the shade Splash Corail is perfect for this time of year. It may be more pink than you would expect considering the name, but it brightens up the face really well. However, don’t trust the name, it is not a subtle blush! In fact, it’s probably the most pigmented out of all products I’m talking about today. The sponge is full of product and just by barely touching the surface you can get enough blush to apply to both cheeks. And that’s with a stippling brush, not even the applicator provided. I haven’t been courageous enough to actually use it yet because I know it would pick up way too much product for my needs. Please proceed with caution when using this cushion blush.

lancome cushion blush subtil splash corail swatch
On the plus side, the product will last for a while, unlike the foundation in the same format.

Spray-on Blush

Another fun way to apply blush is to simply spray it on. Yup, a blush in a can is a thing and it actually works really well, although I wouldn’t necessarily recommend applying it directly to the face. Since it is an aerosol spray, it does have a funny scent (initially) and also sounds a bit weird on application, like popping or crackling. When it comes to the colour payoff, it’s on par with other cream blushes.

Napoleon Perdis Miss Pink Mist Boudoir Blush
The Napoleon Perdis Miss Pink Mist Boudoir Blush looks like a light pink shade after one layer but seems to go a bit darker when you build it up. I really like the colour, which reminds me a bit of the Dandelion Dew blush from Benefit. As I mentioned before, I don’t like to spray the product directly onto the face, but rather use the back of my hand and a stippling brush. This way I can be more precise with the placement and make sure the shade looks even. The blush lasts fairly well throughout the day, but does fade a bit if you don’t set it with a powder product. I also feel like you don’t get that much in a can, I’ve only used the Boudoir Blush a handful of times and it seems like I’m already half way (or more) down.

Napoleon Perdis Miss Pink Mist Boudoir Blush swatch
It is definitely an interesting product if you want to give something different a go, but not something I would be keen on repurchasing over and over again.

Lip & Cheek Stain

Lastly, here’s something for those of you who value the lasting power of your makeup products and their versatility. The lip and cheek stains can be used, as the name suggests, as both a blush and a lippie (similarly, you can always apply your lipstick to the cheeks). They will stain the skin and stay put until you decide to take the makeup off. There are two popular formulas of lip & cheek stains – a cream and a liquid. I am not too keen on the latter one as it dries way too quickly and you need to work fast to evenly distribute it on the cheeks. The cream formulas, however, are great and very handy.

lip and cheek stains
In this category I have two products to share with you. They both come in a squeeze tube, dry to a matte finish and even look very similar on. The first one – the Kryolan Lip’N’Cheek Stain in Hibiscus works best when used as a blush. At least this particular shade does not show too well on the lips, but looks absolutely stunning on the cheeks. It gives you plenty of time to blend the product on the cheeks and evenly distribute the pigment. It feels a bit tacky at first but sets within minutes and once that’s done, it won’t budge. It’s also water resistant, which makes it perfect to wear on the beach or to the pool (if you do wear makeup in those situations).

Kryolan Lip'N'Cheek Stain Hibiscus swatch
The Becca Beach Tint in Grapefruit is great on both the cheeks and the lips, although it still looks very subtle on your pout. The formula here is a bit more liquid-y and you need to shake the product well before use. It’s also a bit more sheer than the Kryolan product initially, but you can easily build it up to the same intensity. The Becca stain smells really nice, which may not be something of great importance, but adds a nice touch and pleasant experience on application. Its staying power is also great and you can expect a full day wear. Price-wise, the Becca Beach Tint is more expensive than the Kryolan Lip’N’Cheek Stain (but you can buy it for the same price if you wait for specials on Adore Beauty or similar websites) and since the shades are so similar, you can just pick the formula that works best for you.

Becca Beach Tint Grapefruit swatch
Do you use cream blushes or stick to the powder formulas?


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