How many times did you buy multiple items (or an entire range) from the new makeup collection? I don’t think I was ever extravagant like that, but the launch of the DesixKaty collaboration with Dose of Colors has changed everything. As soon as I saw the video announcing the collection, I knew I was going to get a couple of things, meaning – almost everything that came out…

The collection includes two highlighters, an eyeshadow palette, two lipsticks and liquid lipsticks as well as a gloss. I only skipped the liquid lipsticks (although they looked really pretty) because it’s not something I wear regularly and I wouldn’t really reach for the shades created by Desi and Katy. I love the look of those on other people, though!

dose of colors desixkaty

So, since I own pretty much every item from the DesixKaty collection and I know that it will be re-stocked in September, how about a quick review?

Let me start by saying that the range is extremely beautiful, inside and out. The packaging is top notch and actually feels high end. The photos don’t even show how sparkling the highlighters and eyeshadow palette covers really are. If you saw them in person, you’d probably spend a couple of minutes just staring at them (I know I did!).

dose of colors desixkaty review

I think the collection is well put together and includes a couple of very unique products and shades. I wouldn’t say that you absolutely need everything, but if there’s a product that really catches your attention, get it as soon as it’s re-stocked. With the initial launch, the collection sold out within a day and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens again in September.

Let’s have a closer look at these Dose of Colors DesixKaty beauties, shall we?

Dose of Colors DesixKaty Highlighters (Fuego & Mirame) – $28 USD

The highlighters from the collection are amazing, and they are not as dark as it may appear in the pan. Fuego adds a lovely golden glow to the skin and Mirame is more rosy, however it is more suited to darker skin tones (medium and up). It’ actually my favorite out of the two, even if it doesn’t perfectly match me. I can make it work because I’m fairly tanned at the moment and when I apply the product over a blush, you can’t really see the darker stripe while looking ahead. I also really enjoy using it as a body highlight on my shoulders and collarbones.

dose of colors desixkaty mirame fuego

dose of colors desixkaty mirame fuego swatch

Fuego also looks stunning on the skin, but because of the golden hue, it may not work on those of you with cool-toned complexions. I think it’s a stunning shade, although not as unique as Mirame. To be honest, I  did go through my highlighter collection because I was sure I’ll have a good dupe, but I couldn’t find any. To give you a better idea of the shade, here’s how it looks next to Becca’s Champagne Pop. It’s a bit darker and warmer, but just as shimmery.

dose of colors desixkaty fuego vs becca champagne pop

The highlighters from the collection are not for the fainthearted. They are intense and blinding, so if you don’t like this type of glow, stay away. Otherwise, you should add those to cart when they are back in stock.

Dose of Colors DesixKaty The Girls Eyeshadow Quad – $28 USD

If you were to get just one item from the DesixKaty collection, The Girls Quad is my top pick.

Desi and Katy had an interesting approach with the product and created a palette with only shimmery lid shades. No transition colors or matte darker shades to balance out the look. But let’s face it – if you know the brand Dose of Colors and are interested in a collection created in collaboration with YouTube influencers, you probably have at least one neutral palette in your stash already.

dose of colors desixkaty the girls eyeshadow

The shadows in the palette are designed to be applied with your fingers and two of them (Suz and Harpoon) work best when used wet. I find the color selection here to be outstanding and out of the box, especially with the two bottom shades. Turbosan (purple) is to die for and Harpoon is so unique! The formula of the shadows is very good, although I find Suz to be much more crumbly than the rest. This particular shade is meant to be used wet, but even then it flakes with the lightest pressure. I can still work with it, by lightly tapping my finger in the product, but there’s still a lot of wastage.

dose of colors desixkaty the girls swatches

The other small issue you may encounter with this palette is the removal process. Because the shades are so glittery, you will end up with sparkly bits everywhere, even when the pigment is gone. You’ll definitely need a multi-step process to get rid of those. But – it’s worth it, if you like unusual shades with a lot of impact.

Dose of Colors DesixKaty Lipsticks (More Creamer Please, No Shade) – $16 USD

The lipsticks in the DesixKaty collection are also quite unique, especially the More Creamer Please shade. It’s a very yellow-toned nude, which means that it may not work on those of you with cool complexions. I do like it on myself because it’s so different and outside of my usual shade range.

dose of colors desixkaty lipsticks

No Shade is much lighter and, unfortunately, looks very much like a concealer on me. It doesn’t appear like that in a swatch, but if I dare to apply it without a lip liner, my lips just disappear. Must be a combination of my natural lip shade and my skin tone… I can make the product work with a liner and paired with a dark smoky eye, but it’s not something I would reach for everyday. I thought I have many similar shades in my collection already, but on comparison, the ones I tend to go for have a much stronger peachy or pink undertone.
dose of colors desixkaty no shade more creamer please swatch

Both lippies have s a lovely finish, described as creamy/matte. They glide on smoothly and the pigment shows instantly, you won’t need to apply many layers for full opacity. They are not drying and don’t emphasize imperfections on the lips. The wear time is fairly good as well, but it probably depends on what you are used to. I don’t mind reapplying after a couple of hours, especially if the product wears off evenly (which it does in this case).

Dose of Colors Over The Top Lip Gloss – $15

The lip gloss from the collection was not on my radar initially (I’m just not a gloss person), but the more I researched it, the more I wanted to give it a go. It’s a clear gloss with thousands of gold sparkles, perfect to use as a lip topper, especially over more natural and nude shades.

dose of colors desixkaty over the top

The formula of the Over The Top Gloss is lovely – thick and a bit sticky, which means that it will last well on the lips, but not goopy. When you wear it, it doesn’t feel like your lips are glued together or that the product will run outside of your lip line. The gloss can work well on its own for a touch of sparkle, but really shines when applied over the top of another color. It doesn’t break down the lippie underneath and doesn’t gather in the lines.

dose of colors desixkaty swatch

Is Over The Top worth $15? For me, not really. It didn’t convert me into a gloss wearer and I’m pretty sure I can find something similar in the drugstore price range. Formula-wise it’s a great product so if the shade looks appealing to you and you see yourself wearing it a lot, I’d say go for it and you won’t be disappointed.

Did you get anything from the Dose of Colors DesixKaty collection?

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