Can you believe that up until now, I have never tried Colourpop pressed eyeshadows? For someone who blogs about beauty and also owns a gazillion of products from the brand it is clearly a huge oversight… I’ve just been avoiding eyeshadow palette purchases this year (not extremely successfully, but it could have been worse) and also could not justify placing Colourpop orders every week or month. I feel like they’ve been releasing new products and new collections even more often than MAC in recent months and it actually started to feel overwhelming.colourpop dream st. palette review

The line that pushed me towards the Colourpop website again was another collaboration with Kathleen Lights. This time it includes an eyeshadow palette and three lip products (the lip set sold out within 5 minutes, it was unreal…), of which I only got one. But the main focus of this review will be on the Dream St. Eyeshadow Palette.

Sixteen eyeshadows for $16 USD is an awesome deal, especially when the quality matches or even surpasses the high end competition. I am actually blown away by the quality of these shadows! They blend like a dream and really don’t require much effort to look amazing. All you need is a couple of strokes and they seem to do the job for you. Every shade in the palette is pigmented, true to color and buttery soft.

colourpop dream st. palette review

The formula on those is on a soft side so there’s a bit of kick up as you tap the brush into the product, but it’s not worse than, let’s say, Lorac shadows. I do recommend tapping the excess product off the brush before touching the eyelids, though, especially with darker shades.

While the selection of shades in the Colourpop Dream St. palette is not in any way revolutionary or unique, I find it to be perfect for my preferences. There’s a lovely selection of matte transition colors, a couple of gold and bronze shimmers and great pops of color, including a matte teal which is not easy to make. I remember using a similar eyeshadow shade from Make Up Geek few years ago and it was very patchy and difficult to build up. This one packs a lot of pigment straight away and blends perfectly, so well done Colourpop and Kathleen. The only con of this particular shade is that it fades more than any other shade when used along the lower lash line.

colourpop dream st. palette swatches

colourpop dream st. palette swatches

If I wanted to be very nitpicky, I’d say that the metallic shades in the palette are a bit dry and you may need to apply multiple layers to achieve the desired intensity. You can also wet the brush to intensify the shine and pack a punch with one or two swipes. The swatches you see in the photos were done with a brush over bare skin. Over primer, they tend to cling onto the lid much better and also maintain the vibrancy throughout the day.

Scroll through the slides to see some of the looks I was able to create with the palette…


Enough about the palette, let’s quickly move on to the lips. I love Colourpop’s Ultra Satin Lips formula and couldn’t resist getting the shade Dreamy from the collab. It’s a lovely terracotta pink that’s very wearable and goes with almost everything. The formula is on par with other products from the line, extremely comfortable on, pigmented and long wearing.

colourpop dreamy ultra satin lips

You may be wondering how the shade Dreamy compares to other shades from the Ultra Satin Lips line that you may already own. Below you can see how it looks next to the shades November (which is another collaboration shade with Kathleen) and Bare Necessities. It’s more similar to the second one, just a tad darker. Comparing to November, Dreamy is warmer and more terracotta than pink.

colourpop dreamy swatchcolourpop dreamy vs november vs bare necessities

The Ultra Satin Lips line is great for those of you who want to play with matte finishes, but don’t want the dryness and crusty appearance on the lips. And they only cost $6 USD (actully even less at the moment with a sale going on), which is a steal considering the quality.

What do you guys think? Is this collection something you see yourself picking up?

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