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Are you planning on wearing a red lippie this Valentine’s Day? Great choice! Maybe not my personal favourite, but I do love the look on other people…If you’re wondering what eye look would go well with your chosen red shade, I may have a couple of suggestions for you today. But before we move on to the specifics, here are some tips on how to prepare for such a bold lip look:

  • Perfect your base – if you have any redness, make sure to conceal it well (but don’t cake up layers of makeup). Red on the lips will emphasize any imperfections, so be prepared!
  • Prep the lips – make sure to regularly apply a lip balm (few days in a row can make a huge difference) and use a lip scrub to get rid of flaky skin.
  • Choose the right formula – creamy finishes are more likely to slide around and bleed outside of the lip line. Opt for a matte or long wearing formula (I’m using the new Rimmel The Only One Matte Lipstick in Take The Stage).
  • Use a lip liner – bold lip shades need crisp outline, otherwise they just look messy.
  • Cheek your teeth – it’s always a good idea to give yourself a big smile in front of a mirror before heading out. Red teeth are not very sexy 🙂

Now that we’ve covered all bases, here are my favourite eye looks to pair with red lips (but they will also work with other shades you may have in mind!).

Make it lashy

The first option is fairly simple, but I do like how clean and fresh it looks. It involves a nice set of fluttery lashes and a strategically placed highlight. No liner, no shading of the lid. My recommendation is to use individual lashes as they appear much more natural and also don’t look obvious without the liner across the lash line.

everyday red lips
To brighten up the eyes, also place a light bone-coloured eyeshadow (matte or shimmery – I went for the matte one) in the inner corner and highlight under the brow bone. Don’t forget about the flesh-toned pencil liner on the waterline.

everyday red lips

Wing it out

Is there anything more classic than red lip and winged liner? I don’t think so. For this look, you’ll definitely need to add some shading to the lid – apply a mid-tone brown in the crease and a darker shade in the outer corner. On the lid itself you can opt for a matte beige or a shade with a shimmery/satin finish.

red lips winged liner
For a fun twist, you can replace the traditional black liner with brown or even brown with shimmer, like the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Long-Wear Liquid Liner in Golden Bronze Sparkle.

red lips winged liner

Smoke it out

This is a tricky one because a pairing like that can easily get out of control. Too much drama on the lips and eyes suits only a small number of people, the rest of us will end up looking overdone and clown-like. To avoid this makeup mishap, don’t go for a traditional black smoky eye (unless you really want to) and replace it with a soft bronze or taupe shades (think MAC Satin Taupe or Patina; I’m wearing Paris from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario). Opt for a colour with a satin finish and use it all over the lid as well as in the crease. It will show up as if you’ve used more than one shade. Next, brighten up the inner corner and add a nude pencil on the waterline.

eye makeup to pair with red lips
To make the look more interesting, how about adding a hint of sparkle in the center of the lid? I used the Colourpop eyeshadow in Nillionaire and patted it with a clean finger. If you’re planning a candlelit dinner, this look will be perfect.

eye makeup to pair with red lips

Go full glam

Lastly, here’s an option for the brave and confident ones. A soft cut crease and a lot of darkness in the outer corner to achieve the cat-eye effect. To intensify the elongated shape, apply half lashes in the outer corners of the eyes.

eye makeup to pair with red lips
On the lids, opt for a light but shimmery shade and cut the crease using a bunch of brown hues ranging from mid-tone to dark. The latest trend in creating a cut crease shape is to first shade the crease, then carve the shape on the lid with a concealer and top it up with the colour of your choice. Next, you can go in with an angled brush and a black shadow to line the eyes and enhance the outer corner.

eye makeup to pair with red lips
That’s it – you’re ready to head out and have fun this Valentine’s Day! 🙂

What’s your favourite red lippie?



  1. Magda you’ve outdone yourself with this post and these looks – stunningly beautiful, and I’m always in awe of your winged liner skills. Current fave red lippie is L’Oreal Bloody Mary, but that Rimmel one you’re wearing is calling my name xxx

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