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I’m very excited to bring you another post created in collaboration with one of the world’s largest online stores for natural products – the iHerb store. This time I was given the opportunity to try a bunch of Aveeno hair and body care products (check my first collab with iHerb here). As an eczema sufferer, I’m quite familiar with the brand and have used their products in the past. Their hand cream is one of my all time faves.

What I didn’t realize was how much the brand has expanded their line in the last couple of years. On iHerb alone you can chose from over 80 Aveeno products! They also ship to over 160 countries which means you can get access to the brand even if it’s not available in your area.

Ordering hair and body care products online can be daunting because if they are not packaged correctly, you may end up with a really messy parcel at your doorstep. Luckily, iHerb staff packed each item separately and really paid attention to securing the content.

Now let me give you a run down of all the products I had a chance to test.

Aveeno hair care products

How about we start with the hair care products. I’ve been really enjoying the Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish + Volumize shampoo and conditioner duo. The line combines two benefits I really need from my hair care products – nourishment and volume. Personally I find it rather difficult to tell if my shampoo or conditioner really lifts the hair at the roots, but as long as they don’t weigh it down, I’m satisfied. The Aveeno duo certainly falls under this criteria.

The shampoo has a creamy consistency which lathers well and doesn’t drip off the hair. The conditioner is also creamy and I am happy with the amount of nourishment it provides. I actually like the duo just as much as my current affordable shampoo and conditioner combo. The only small issue I want to mention is the packaging design, which makes the flip top opening clog up every now and then on the conditioner. It can be frustrating, but definitely not a deal-breaker. Especially considering the price of the product.

Aveeno bath products

The Aveeno Soothing Bath Treatment is the product I’m a bit on the fence about. It’s pretty much a bath salt made of finely milled oatmeal and I know it’s the ingredient that’s very efficient in relieving itchiness caused by eczema and other skin conditions. Like many other Aveeno products, this one is also pretty good, although I only gave myself a little hand bath using it, since it’s the only area affected by eczema at the moment. When I was researching the product I’ve found that some people also use it as a face mask, so don’t feel limited to just a bath.

The only con of the Bath Treatment is the fact that it makes the bath water look utterly disgusting… 🙂 I’m sure most of you want your bath to be a pampering, spa like experience and this product is anything but, at least visually. If I was dealing with a nasty eczema outbreak at the moment, I probably wouldn’t care about that aspect but it’s something you need to keep in mind when purchasing this product.

Now the Aveeno Positively Nourishing Antioxidant Infused Body Washes are simply fantastic, especially the fig one which I actually purchased few weeks before the iHerb collaboration. The fig and shea butter scent is really warm and comforting, perfect for this time of year. The peach and ginger one is also fun, although the peach scent definitely overpowers the ginger. It would be better for those of you who like more fruity options.

Formula-wise, both shower gels are great – creamy and moisturizing. They lather well and you don’t need to use a lot. They actually remind me of the Sol de Janeiro shower cream but cost the fraction of the price. I will definitely repurchase the fig one.

Aveeno body care products

Now let’s talk about my favorite product so far, the Aveeno Active Naturals Creamy Moisturizing Oil. It’s a great option for those of you who want the benefits of a body oil without the messy application and greasy feeling on the skin. This one is very lightweight and absorbs pretty much instantly.

The main reason why I like the Creamy Moisturizing Oil so much is the lovely scent which reminds me of the cake essence my mom used to use when I was a kid. It would make the entire house smell like almonds and this product takes me right back to this memory (thanks to the sweet almond oil). But aside from the sentimental value, it’s a great moisturizer that will keep your skin hydrated and soft until your next bath or shower. I also really enjoy the pump which dispenses just the right amount of product with each press.

The Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Nourishing Comforting Whipped Souffle is much closer to a body butter in consistency, but the whipped texture makes it absorb much quicker. I wouldn’t necessarily attempt to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans or yoga pants straight after the application, but you can just finish up your skincare routine or dry your hair and you’ll be good to go.

This product includes a combination of cocoa and shea butters, which are proven to nourish the skin and keep it beautiful. The scent of the Whipped Soufle is also very pleasant and definitely turns the application into a pampering ritual. If you like thicker consistencies in your body care products or need something to moisturize extremely dry skin, here’s the pick for you.

As you can see, Aveeno products are clearly taking over my bathroom and I’m not mad at that. I’ve discovered a number of great additions to my current hair and body care routines and will definitely repurchase their shower gels and the Creamy Moisturizing Oil. Those would be my top picks if you don’t know where to start.

And if you do want to get acquainted with Aveeno, iHerb is currently running a special promo for new customers. You can get $5 off your Aveeno order of $20 or more through this link. Happy shopping!

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