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Hi, I am Magda.

I am a Polish girl living in Austin, TX and, let’s face it, I am slightly addicted to all things beauty.

I moved to Australia in 2009 and that’s when my beauty obsession began…Since then I’ve gathered a substantial amount of beauty and makeup products and established myself as a beauty blogger and vlogger in Poland (over 11,000 subscribers of my Youtube channel as of May 2014). Over the last couple of years I’ve been a part of the extensive beauty community in Australia and now I’m looking forward to getting to know the US and everything it has to offer (not only beauty-wise).

I’ve always loved creating wishlists and this blog is one of them – the ultimate Beauty Bucket List.

This blog is a journey through my never-ending wish list of products I would love to get my hands on (my current beauty bucket list is available here). It contains reviews of beauty products I’ve tried and tested over the years as well as my makeup adventures.

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  1. How brilliant to have you back Magda! So looking forward to reading your reviews of what you love, and seeing more of your fabulous eye creations. Hey I’ve even started blogging now 🙂

    • Hello there 🙂
      Nice to see a familiar face, I’ve been checking your colorful creations on BH every now and then and even stumbled across your blog a few times. I’ll definitely try to be more up to date from now on 🙂

  2. Bruna Ramos Reply

    Hi, Magda!

    My name is Bruna and I´m from Brazil. I recently discovered the makeup world and I discovered your youtube channel a few months ago. I don´t understand one single word in Polish (besides the brands: MAC, Inglot, Anastasia etc… lol) but I like to watch your videos… Today I discovered this blog and it saved my life!!! 😀 But I will continue watching your videos and maybe I will learn polish someday, too!!!
    Kisses from Brazil

    • Hello Bruna,

      Welcome and thank you for tracking me down 🙂 I am so glad you like the blog and my Polish channel – I bet it’s really challenging to watch it in Polish. Good luck with your makeup adventures!

  3. Hi Magda, I was one of your spectators on yt. I was sad when you announced that you won’t upload new videos. But when I have found your blog it supposed to be as great as your channel. From that time I am here regularly and some time ago I decided to create my own blog 🙂

    On your site I love reading reviews of beauty products.
    I wish you good luck and more readers.


  4. Hi magda!

    I have just discovered your little treasure of a beauty blog- love it!
    You mentioned that your eye cream is a miracle worker and I’m just wondering what you use??
    I am mid twenties and starting to show age lines + the usual tired bags and puffiness.

    Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

  5. Hej Magda! Wlasnie odkrylam Twojego bloga i na pewno bede tu zagladac 🙂 Tez mieszkam w Austin, Tx 🙂

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