Long time no see, hey? It’s been a while since the last post on Beauty Bucket List but I’m finally back with a bunch of great blog post ideas. Today I want to share with you some of my recent favourites, but before we get to that, let’s address the elephant in the room…

Why the absence?

You might have thought that I’ve decided to give up blogging and just disappeared without a word of explanation. Well, it was not my intention but so many things happened in my life in the last three months and I just had to prioritize.

In March we packed all our belongings and decided to leave Australia. And to go with a bang, we spent three amazing weeks in Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island (luckily just before the big storm). Our next stop was Poland to visit my family and three weeks ago I finally arrived in Austin, Texas. As you can imagine, the move was stressful and required a lot of my time.

I did plan to blog while in Poland but ended up just enjoying the time with my closest family. It was great to introduce my son to his grandparents and great-grandmother, and we were just soaking in all the love and attention.

Future plans, though, include coming back to regular blogging at least twice a week (Tuesday & Friday) and I hope you will keep visiting my page for beauty reviews and makeup looks.

The heroes of my travel makeup stash

Luckily, I was able to ship my beauty collection from Australia to the US, but during my travels I had to rely on a small number of trusted products. Interestingly enough, I actually enjoyed having limited options and working with a makeup bag of a normal (non-beauty blogger) person. Let’s chat about the standout makeup items.

MAC Warm Soul Blush

The only powder blush in my travel makeup bag was from MAC. I picked Warm Soul because it is such a versatile shade – goes with absolutely everything. It is rather subtle on my skin tone, but adds a nice amount of warmth and color to enhance the cheeks. Looking at the product in a pan, there’s a small amount of shimmer, but it doesn’t really transfer onto the cheeks.

 The blush is baked which means that it’s going to last forever. I’ve been using it very regularly over the last three months and barely made a dent in the domed shape. I have to admit that I would never get this shade if it wasn’t for the hype around it, but I am glad I gave in because it’s now a staple in my stash.

Kryolan Illusion Highlighter (Cashmere)

In order to save luggage space I only took two highlighters with me (one of them is actually a cream liner, but I like to use it on top of the cheekbones anyway). I found it a bit difficult to leave my beloved Champagne Pop and The MUG Highlighter behind, but because of that I was able to fall in love with the Kryolan Illusion in the shade Cashmere.

 It is probably on of the easiest to wear and natural looking highlighters out there. It gives the skin a lovely glow from within, very realistic and not over the top. At the same time, it looks great with both natural and evening makeup looks. I’ve been really impressed with the formula of this highlighter. It sits on the skin beautifully and does not break up the product underneath. It also lasts perfectly for over 10 hours, even when not set with a powder. I think I am actually going to go as far as saying that it is my favourite highlighter at the moment – highly recommended!

Colourpop Brow Pencil

Now let’s move on to more affordable products, like the Colourpop Brow Pencil (shade Dope Taupe). I’m all about the low key brow look, far from the Instagram drawn in style, but still need something to fill in sparse areas. Colourpop pencils are not very hard, so you may not be able to draw in single hair, but they are great for enhancing the arch and adding a bit of colour.

 Another great thing is that they feature a good quality spoolie to brush the hair before or after filling the brows in. I would recommend them for those of you who already have a decent amount of your own brow hair and like to go for a natural look. I’ve actually run out of the pencil while in Poland and the replacement from another brand was not remotely as good. Now that I’m in the US, I’ve already ordered two backups.

Golden Rose Style Liner Metallic Eyeliners

I was actually fairly restrained with my makeup purchases while in Poland (mostly due to the limited luggage allowance), but I couldn’t resist getting few shades of the Golden Rose Metallic Eyeliners. I’ve used and loved them in the past, but it was really difficult to get them in Australia. They have great formula, opaque pigmentation and excellent quality brush that allows for a precise line, even if you’re not a pro at lining your eyes.

 Most shades last well throughout the day, but I like to prep the lid with a base and a skin-coloured eyeshadow to make sure that the line stays put. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with this time was a colour selection available. I used to own a beautiful blackened green, but it must have been discontinued and replaced with a selection of blue and teal colours. There is still a nice variety of shades to choose from, but it’s not as diverse as I would like it to be.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

I’ve been a die-hard fan of the Lorac Behind The Scenes Primer for years but decided to give the Milani one ago. So many people on YouTube and blogs have mentioned it in the recent months and, let me tell you, the hype is real! It’s an amazing budget eyeshadow base, much better than some expensive ones I’ve tried in the past.

You only need a small amount for each eyelid and your makeup will last all day. My lids are slightly hooded and sometimes the shadows or liners have a tendency to copy itself in the crease but none of this happened while using the Milani Primer. My makeup is as vibrant and fresh, just as it was straight after the application.

The product has a slight tint to it but not enough to cover discolorations or veins, but if you’re looking for a simple primer that works, this one is a must. And a cheep one too!



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